Adoptions can be a very joyous time, but due to the legal procedures and forms both before and after the adoption, a family lawyer is necessary. Due to the multiple types of adoptions and individual cases, a lawyer can ensure the adoption process goes smoothly. The procedures will depend, to an extent, on which type of adoption is taking place. Here are the many different types:


  1. Private adoptions where the adoption takes place without the involvement or assistance of an adoption agency.
  2. Agency adoptions are when a licensed adoption agency places the child and facilitates the adoption process.
  3. Domestic adoptions are adoptions where the child is from the United States.
  4. International adoptions occur when the child being adopted is from another country.
  5. Open adoptions allow the adoptive and birth parents to not only know each other’s identity, but also maintain contact once the adoption process is complete.
  6. Anonymous adoptions do not allow the birth parents to know the adoptive parent’s identity.
  7. Designated adoptions occur when adoptive parents seek to adopt an expecting mother’s child.
  8. Stepparent/Relative adoptions are generally a subcategory of private adoptions because a relative close to the child become the adoptive parents, therefore, an agency is not necessary.