My hotly contested divorce was much less painful thanks to your aggressiveness in front of the judge and extensive knowledge of the legal system. You got me a fair shake in a system that had given me reason to lose confidence in my chances. For that, I will be forever grateful. I cannot thank you enough for caring and showing the courage to fight for me. I will give your name to anyone I come across who needs a strong, knowledgeable and aggressive lawyer to fight for them the way you fought for me. Thank you so very much.

Thank you, Buck Sralla. Your courage, perseverance and good judgment enabled my daughter’s success in her recent child custody trial. You were instrumental in going face to face with adversity and at last we can celebrate Christmas. Thank you so much for winning my daughter’s case.

Thank you Buck for helping us to ensure that we are all together with our children. We are all together and totally grateful for your hard work. I thought your cross examination of my ex-husband and your closing argument were masterful! God bless you.

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Kevin “Buck” Sralla

Welcome, I am Kevin “Buck” Sralla, an experienced family law attorney in San Antonio, TX. I am licensed to practice in Texas state courts and skilled at advocating for my clients’ rights whether the setting be in a courtroom before a judge or jury or an informal mediation or settlement negotiation process.

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