Family law tends to be extremely personal and at times, can be very emotional, even heartbreaking. For these reasons, it is necessary to select a lawyer you can trust and speak openly to. It is always a best practice to let your lawyer know the full details of a situation so they are prepared and not surprised. It is generally easier to be this open with someone you feel comfortable talking to and genuinely trust. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when selecting a lawyer:

1. Do I feel comfortable explaining the full details of my case to this person?
2. Do I trust this person will keep my best interest in mind and work tirelessly for me?
3. Do they have experience dealing with similar issues?
4. What is their approach in dealing with cases like yours, and is that an approach you feel comfortable with?
5. What are the financial obligation and payment options?
6. How much time can they dedicate to your case and how open will they be throughout the case should additional needs arise?